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The British School (BS) has been an Initiative to contribute to the professional and social development of the MENA region community. The British School provides a wide variety of qualifications including, but not limited to Business Management, Administration, Tourism, Accounting, Computing, Health and Social Care. We have made a name for ourselves with exceptional customer service and support, excellent quality education standards, and rewarding qualifications with progression routes to university degrees.

We provide a qualification development service, training support, comprehensive university progressions, and dedicated support! Simple easy-to-use documents and content, innovative qualifications, internal verifier support, flexible delivery solutions, a global focus, and a close business development relationship for business and consumer segments.

We pride ourselves on our support, flexibility, and excellent customer service. Joseph Jones, CEO of ATHE Ltd


The British School’s mission is to provide outstanding qualifications, customer service, and support. Deliver high-quality academic, executive, and professional programs with a thorough understanding of the global business environment and sustainable management principles, utilizing innovation and appropriate teaching methodologies and technologies. We will support our mission by:

  • Providing qualifications, which enable learners to fulfill their potential and make a positive contribution to society both socially and economically

  • Delivering support and guidance, which meet the needs of all kinds of students and enable them to improve their performance

  • Upholding and maintaining the quality and standards of qualifications and assessments

  • Committing to lifelong learning and development

  • To create and disseminate new knowledge and thinking in leadership and management.

  • To develop innovative and socially responsible leaders who understand the impact of business on society and create value through business.

  • To collaborate with global institutions and be progressive while facilitating internationally renowned programs in Algeria.

  • To work with corporate and public sector institutions to build the capacity required to drive Algeria’s socio-economic development.


To be the premier business school and a corporate campus that nurtures global business leaders who create the future in North Africa and the Middle East region.

5 Reasons to Choose Us!


Excellent Value for Money

We are able to provide a comprehensive qualification and support package which provides excellent value for money with our appreciation of a very price-sensitive industry.


University Progression

All the British School qualifications have progression routes and many of these are to degrees at our University partners. Find more information on our Progression Routes page.


Innovative Qualifications

Our Qualifications are on the RQF, they allow for flexible delivery models and are designed in line with industry standards and student needs. We also include comprehensive support material including suggested assignments, teaching and learning guidance, and resources.


Dedicated Support

Our Teachers, Educators, and Administrators have extensive experience in the systems of ATHE, Ofsted, ISI, QAA, and Ofqual. This experience is there as a resource to you and to support our school development.


Flexible Delivery Solutions

Our qualifications and systems are designed for maximum flexibility, however, if you have a request that we don’t currently cater to we won’t tell you it can’t be done. We will do our best to provide you with something that suits you, our school, and our learners.

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